Sir Malcavian, President


Sir malcavian started his path in P.E.P. Atlanta over two decades ago.  He is an avid volunteer in his local community and at many national events.  He enjoys presenting on lifestyle topics with an emphasis on educating those new to the lifestyle and on healthy lifestyle relationships.  Sir Malcavian has a deep rooted passion for the Leather Lifestyle and its history and has devote a great deal of his time to a number of activities that promote, preserve, educate, and pass along to those new to their paths.

Sir Malcavian is a founder and has been the President of The Cavaliers Leather and Levi Club since its inception.  He is also the Director of the Carter Johnson Leather Library and Archives – Hampton Roads Annex, a Board Member for The Leather History Preservation Foundation, an Associate member of the Knight Hawks of Virginia,
and was a Board member for the Leather Pride Cruise 2017.