Eastbound, Vice President


EastBound is originally from TN and found himself in Hampton Roads in 2000.  Over the course of his journey into his own flavor of alternative lifestyle he has focused on topics from TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationships, physical skills such as the use of a wide inventory of implements, rope bondage, nonmonogamy, service management and implementation, community service efforts, leadership positions, public performances, lifestyle advocacy, education of various skills, and more.  He has served on panels to educate authors on what true to life kink and TPE relationships look like in efforts to do his part on creating a more accurate depiction of the lifestyle in literature, volunteered at conferences and events, hosted events, and assisted in numerous fundraisers.

EastBound is a Founding member of the Cavaliers and has been the Vice President since The Club’s inception.  He currently produces local events in Virginia Beach and leads the local chapter of Rope Bite International where he also teaches. If you’d like to know more about his involvement, skill sets, or about most any other topic, feel free to catch him at one of the Cavalier Bar Nights where you will undoubtedly find him enjoying a cigar, a drink, a Cavalier concoction, or Jello Shots!!