Sanctuary Nights

In 2014, Pictish got together with MJ’s Tavern to plan the “Rembering Stonewall; 45 years later” event. Pictish talked to Sir Malcavian about helping out and they were off. They worked with MJ’s Tavern, members of the LGBT center and the Knighthawks to throw the celebration. The event reached out to bring the local Kink community to participate in celebrating the event. The event was an incredible success raising over $1200 for the LGBT Life Center in a matter of a few hours.

Inspired by observations of the “Remember Stonewall” Event, seeing people from all corners of the community come out and enjoy themselves and in support of that event. Pictish and Sir Malcavian took these observations and combining it with the spirit of the changes the original Stonewall effected on the commUnity then. They wanted to capitalize on the momentum and crate an event to continue to bring everyone together in one place where we could all socialize and enjoy a night out with friends new and old in a place we could come as we are.

Fetish Night was born from that inspiration, however Fetish Night did not rally encapsulate the spirit behind the effort and a name change was needed. The inspiration then came from “Sanctuary of the Dark Angel” a playspace once active in Atlanta. Where many folks from the South East once traveled to find a space they were welcomed and accepted. A space that they could come be themselves, network and learn from each other while sharing their love of what it is we do.

It is through all of that Sanctuary Night continues to strive to bring an event where the local community can bring the “Unity” into our community. A place where everyone, regardless of group or clique can come, celebrate who and what we are, socialize, watch “performances” and have fun.

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