So you think you might want to be a Cavalier…

Hi there, have you come to the place where you are asking yourself if joining the club is for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself that might help you decide.

The first question to ask yourself is “Why do you want to join?”. If you are interested in the leather lifestyle, serving your community, and the fellowship of like-minded people we just might be a good fit.

Second, have you attended any of our business meetings? Come to one and let us introduce ourselves. We meet at 8:00 pm at the LGBT Life Center (formerly The LGBT Center of Hampton Roads) and the great majority of our meetings are open to the public. This is the place where we decide what we want to do, where we want to do it, and how we can improve our community. We collect dues from our members, decide on fundraisers, what to do with the funds, and more.

The third question is “Have you been to a Bar Night?” We head to our home bar, MJ’s Tavern, on Granby Street in Norfolk and head over immediately after the business meeting, roughly at 9 p.m. It is the social center of the club and the place to get to know the membership. Sometimes we have themes. Most of the time the theme is to hang out and have fun together. The members and pledges will take turns with fundraisers ranging from Jell-O shots to drawings to sales and auctions. Since you never know what is going to be happening, it’s best to just come to all of our Bar Nights. For even more fun, come to the bar nights of our brother club, the Knight Hawks, on the second Saturday of the month too!

Once you get to know us and you decide you want to be a part of the club, the next step is to ask one of us for a membership application. You will need to get three members to sign the application and then get it to the Club’s Vice President. The VP will review the application for completeness before presenting it to the membership committee, who will assign you a sponsor, typically one of the three people who signed your application. This person will be your representative to the club during the pledge process and the pledge Master will be the club’s. When the next pledge class forms, you will embark on a four to eight month process intended to let the club get to know you and you to know the club.

We have two scheduled pledge classes a year, one in March and in September and your pledge term will most likely begin in one of those classes. You must submit your completed application and application fee to the Vice President prior to the February meeting to be in the March Pledge class, and the August meeting to be in the September class. While a Pledge, you will attend all club functions, participate in fundraisers, organize and participate in a community service project, work on your pledge book, and do other projects assigned by the Pledge Master. At the end of the pledge period, the club votes. If at least two thirds of the membership votes for you, you are a Full Member.

Your’s in Leather,

Master Wes

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